Sharecare Acquires WhiteHatAI to Enhance Healthcare Payment Integrity

Sharecare Acquires AI Company WhiteHatAI to Enhance Healthcare Payment Integrity
Sharecare Acquires AI Company WhiteHatAI to Enhance Healthcare Payment Integrity

What You Should Know:

– Sharecare acquires WhiteHatAI to provide health plan
and provider clients with additional capabilities to ensure healthcare payment

– WhiteHatAI’s ability to detect erroneous claims before
they are paid will help Sharecare’s health plan partners reduce costs
associated with FWA.

– Sharecare will integrate WhiteHatAI’s capabilities to
foster deeper engagement by enabling patients to both verify recent medical
procedures and report satisfaction.

Sharecare, the
digital health company that helps people manage all their health in one
place, today announced its acquisition
of WhiteHatAI, an innovator
in artificial
(AI) healthcare payment integrity applications. WhiteHatAI
marks Sharecare’s 16th acquisition; financial terms of the
deal were not disclosed. 

WhiteHateAI Acquisition Benefits for Sharecare

Over the last several years, Sharecare
has introduced a range of capabilities and services to
support payers’ and providers’ workflows –
including digital clinical data solutions and medical
records management; quality, performance and risk-adjustment tools; and
billing contract compliance. Given traditional retrospective systems
fail to recover 99% of erroneously paid medical claims, WhiteHatAI’s
ability to detect erroneous claims before they are paid will help
Sharecare’s health plan partners reduce costs associated with FWA.
Additionally, these capabilities better position Sharecare’s provider
clients to succeed in value-based environments by enabling more timely
payments and fewer claim denials – resulting in cash flow generation
and better revenue
cycle management

Impact of FWA in Healthcare

“Fraud, waste and abuse in our healthcare system is already a $900 billion problem, which – prior to the pandemic – was expected to increase 6.5% annually through 2024; but given the necessity to fast-track claims in the face of COVID-19, this challenge is likely to grow even bigger, faster,” said Jeff Arnold, founder, chairman and CEO of Sharecare. “By acquiring WhiteHatAI and integrating their suite of AI-driven capabilities across our portfolio, we are bringing industry leading innovation to our payer and provider client partners that will help them not simply detect FWA but do so before it occurs, thus increasing efficiency and accuracy throughout healthcare organizations.” 

WhiteHatAI Integration with Sharecare App

WhiteHatAI’s proprietary AI-driven platform also will
empower providers to extract unstructured clinical data from medical
charts – which can contain meaningful insights not available in the
structured record – and enable the identification and calculation of
CMS quality measures. Additionally, as the digital health company partners with physician practices to help
patients manage their own health day-to-day between office
visits with the Sharecare app, it will integrate WhiteHatAI’s
capabilities to foster deeper engagement by enabling patients to both
verify recent medical procedures and report satisfaction. Sharecare
can then message users based on the treatment or care plan addressed during the
medical visit, thereby improving outcomes and lowering the cost curve.  

“Sharecare has a track record of innovation and collaboration unlike any other digital health company, and we are excited to merge our expertise in AI and healthcare payment integrity with their ability to convene, rally and engage people, providers and payers in improving health and well-being,” said Pete Ransome, CEO of WhiteHatAI. “Joining the Sharecare family enables us to capitalize on our ability to combat the prolific and fast-growing problem of fraud, waste, and abuse in healthcare, which will save millions of dollars for our collective clients and, ultimately, advance patient care and satisfaction.”