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To implement both phases of this project into one rural school costs ZA R5,000.00. As a donor you will receive the following:

  • Full report on each school visited
  • GPS co-ordinates of each school visited
  • Names of the winning Rhino Art kids
  • A school by school selection of messaged Rhino Art to be mailed through to you after each judging event
  • Visual material to be supplied to you for each school visit

Each donation of R5,000 allows the Children’s Rhino Art Project to be taken to a rural school community who live alongside areas of Rhino Protection from where most of the Rhino Poaching takes place and where Rhino Education is sorely needed.

The majority of the schools that we are taking the Rhino Art to are often very poor with no art materials; we therefore need to supply them with all the necessary items.

How it works: An experienced team delivers the art papers together with art drawing materials to the school at least a week ahead of when judging will take place. This distribution coincides with classroom by classroom Rhino Conservation Education and a careful understanding of the Children’s Rhino Art Project Rules. We also hold 20 minute a side Soccer matches at some of the schools, where the 'Man of the Match’ Wins a bicycle.

Rules and Guidelines:

  • Educators to give an overview of the current Rhino situation.
  • Artists to colour in the outline of the rhino that has been printed on your A3 paper – be creative, use any colours. On the rest of the child can page draw/write whatever message they want to record about rhino poaching.
  • Write your own message below the rhino about what you think is important about protecting our rhinos.

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Download the blank tempalte below & let your imagination go. Remember to follow the rules and guidelines.

Email us your art, email your art to

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